Yogi Tea Wellbeing Organic

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Formerly sold under the name "forever young". Try this mixture of medicinal herbs known since ancient times, which help keep the body and mind young and healthy! For centuries, the Mediterranean has enjoyed the unique fragrant taste of sage tea. Sage is very rich in antioxidants, helps slow down aging and helps the body retain fluids that are precious to it. Lemongrass, cardamom and licorice give a gray aroma, and at the same time improve digestion.

Net: 30.6 g Number of filter bags: 17 pcs (1.8 g)




Cimet* (30%), žalfija* (23%), origano* (8%), sladić*, kardamon*, limun trava*, đumbir*, karanfilić*, limun verbena*, crni biber*, ulje cimeta*, ulje đumbira*, piskavica*, korijander*. *sertikovan organski sastojak


Sadrži sladić – osobe sa povišenim krvnim pritiskom trebalo bi da izbegavaju prekomernu upotrebu.


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