Yogi Tea Relax Organic

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Relax is a unique blend that contains herbs that soothe and relax. Its interesting taste that combines chamomile and linden helps us regain a calm balance of body and mind when faced with challenge and stress. Rose petals and raspberry leaves give excellent softness to this mild tea. The essence of this tea is "peace and tranquility".

Net: 30.6 g Number of filter bags: 17 pcs (1.8 g)



Kamilica* (17%), cvet lipe* (15%), šipurak* (2%), morac*, kardamon*, ječmeni slad*, hibiskus*, sladic*, alfalfa*, lišće maline*, kora pomorandže*, cimet*, đumbir*, karanfilić*, crni biber*.


Sadrži sladic – osobe sa povišenim krvnim pritiskom trebalo bi da izbegavaju prekomernu upotrebu.


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