Yogi Tea Classic Organic

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Yoga classic tea is an organic irresistible blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves; this tried and tested Ayurvedic recipe is thousands of years old and deeply intertwined with the ancient traditions and practices of the East. Spicy, spicy, sweet and invigorating, the classic Yogi tea will stimulate your body and spirit with its enchanting taste and tempting aroma. Close your eyes, inhale and indulge in the rich aroma of cinnamon and ginger to transport you to the world where ancient peoples created this perfect cup of tea.

Net: 37.4 g Number of filter bags: 17 pcs (2.2 g)



Cimet* (50%), kardamon* (15%), đumbir* (15%), karanfilić*, crni biber*, ulje od cimeta*.


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