Yogi Men's Tea Organic

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Tea for men, with ginger, roasted chicory, ginseng and chili peppers is spicy and strong. It helps us balance male and female energies within ourselves.

The male aspect in all of us suffers from stress, exhaustion and overeating, which can all negatively affect physical strength and energy. Balance can be established with proper exercise, rest and a healthy diet. Yoga tea for men will help us with that.

Made according to the principles of Ayurveda, in addition to the mentioned, it also contains other medicinal plants - cardamom, cinnamon, licorice root, Greek seed, astragalus, anise ... The essence of this tea is strength.

Net: 30.6 g Number of filter bags: 17 pcs (1.8 g)



đumbir* (15%), koren umbira* (2%), čili* (1%), kardamon*, sladic*, rogac*, cimet*, ječmeni slad*, pržena cikorija*, nana*, piskavica*, morač*, slatka hajdučica*, anis*, astragalus*, kurkuma*, ulje cimeta*, crni biber*.


Sadrži sladić – osobe sa povišenim krvnim pritiskom bi trebalo da izbegavaju prekomernu upotrebu.


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