Amarant Organic 500g

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Amaranth or four is a cereal native to South America. It was used by the Aztecs, and today it was rediscovered due to its exceptional nutrition. Amaranth is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and minerals, especially iron and magnesium. It is suitable for a balanced diet of vegetarians and use during fasting. It is naturally gluten-free and is an ideal food for people who are on a gluten-free diet.

Preparation: Clean the beans, wash them and pour them into a bowl with boiling water (1 part grain, 2-3 parts water), fry the beans in a dry pan for a nutty taste. It is used for the preparation of bread and cakes, it is added to soups, salads and various cereal dishes.



100% amarant

Nutritional values

Hranjiva vrednost u 100 g
Energija 1552kJ/371kcal (18%*)
Masti 7 g (10%*)
od kojih zasić. mas. kis. 1,5 g (7,5%*)
Ugljeni hidrati 65 g (25%*)
od kojih šećeri 1,7 g (2%*)
Proteini 14 g (28%*)
Biljna vlakna 7 g (30%*)
So 0g / 0%
Kalcijum 153 mg (19%**)
Piridoksin (vitamin B6) 0,22 mg (14%**)
Gvožđe 7,6 mg (54%**)
Magnezijum 266 mg (71%**)
Fosfor 455 mg (65%**)

* Sadržaj dnevnog unosa energije. Referentni unos za prosečnu odraslu osobu (8400kJ / 2000kcal).
** Dnevni referetni unos vitamina i minerala (odrasli).


Može da sadrži u tragovima soju, gluten, susam, kikiriki, lešnik i badem.


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