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Agave sugar is a natural sweetener and is an ideal substitute for white and brown sugar.

Raw brown agave sugar is the least refined organic of all agave sugars. It is obtained from the Mexican blue agave cactus and contains fructose, glucose, as well as a certain amount of iron. It separates slowly and is completely raw, because the temperature in the separation process never exceeds 42° C. It is used to sweeten coffee, tea, hot drinks, cakes, pastries, pastries and more.

Agave sugar is actually a dehydrated form of agave syrup. They are obtained by drying agave syrup, removing all moisture. A special process was used to blow air into the agave sugar to change the texture from powder to granular. Thus, the sugar remains raw, has a very nice taste, and the granular structure prevents sticking.


Agave sugar brings the same benefits as agave syrup. It has a low glycemic index (about 17) and dissolves easily. Thanks to the low glycemic index, with prior consultation with your doctor, it can be used by diabetics, but also by everyone who tries to keep their blood sugar levels under control. It is great for all types of cakes, pastries and can replace sugar in all recipes.



100% Agave


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