Yoga Tea Himalayan Organic

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The very heart of the extremely pleasant blend of Himalayan Yogi tea, according to a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, is a combination of warming ginger and cinnamon with sweet flavors of fenugreek and anise. Relax for a moment and allow the rich aroma of this timeless blend to transport you to the foothills of the exotic Himalayas ... and to balance your mind, spirit and body.

Net: 34 g Number of filter bags: 17 pcs (2 g)



đumbir* (39%), morač* (34%), cimet* (20%), anis* (4%), korijander*, ulje cimeta*, ulje đumbira*, sladić*.


Sadrži sladic – osobe sa povišenim krvnim pritiskom trebalo bi da izbegavaju prekomernu upotrebu.


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