Coffee Ground Organic Arabica 100g

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Organic coffee of superior taste, good for man, good for nature! Our organic coffee is 100% first class Arabica from Ethiopia. It is known for its pleasant taste and balanced acidity.

Good for man. Organic coffee is produced without the use of chemicals and fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, which are bad for our health as well as for the health of plantation workers. In the production of conventionally grown coffee, these preparations are used in large quantities. Organic coffees are top class, so they have a better aroma (taste).

Good for nature. Organic coffee grows in its natural habitat, in the shade of dense forest trees. In conventional production, forests are cut down to plant sun-resistant coffee hybrid plantations. In that way, the ecosystem is damaged, forests are destroyed, animals are left without habitats, and the land is consumed by the abundant use of chemical agents. Organic production protects nature from similar things.


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