Ginko Biloba Instant Tea Granular 200g

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Ginkgo biloba is the longest-lived tree on the planet and its leaves and seeds have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It originates from southeastern China, and the ancient Chinese called it a "sacred tree" because of its exceptional properties. This plant is very resistant to all types of pollution and radiation, and modern medicine recognizes its numerous medicinal properties.




ginko biloba 65%, fruktoza 0%, šećer 20%

Nutritional values

Hranjiva vrednost u 100 g
Energija 1655kJ/396kcal (19%*)
Masti 1,2 g (0%*)
od kojih zasić. mas. kis. 0 g (0%*)
Ugljeni hidrati 90 g (35%*)
od kojih šećeri 66 g (73%*)
Vlakna 0 g (0%*)
Proteini 0 g (0%*)
So 0 g (0%*)

* Sadržaj dnevnog unosa energije. Referentni unos za prosečnu odraslu osobu (8400kJ / 2000kcal).
** Dnevni referetni unos vitamina i minerala (odrasli).


Može da sadrži u tragovima: soju, gluten, kikiriki, lešnik i badem.


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