Apricot Dried Organic 200g

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Dried apricots are produced from organically grown, healthy, technologically ripe fruits that are dried in the sun by traditional methods and have a natural light to dark brown color. The fruits have a rich, juicy taste and a fuller texture. They are a natural source of fruit sugars that currently provide energy and fiber, which is why they have a mild laxative effect. Dried apricots are among the richest dietary sources of potassium. Dried fruit contains multiple concentrations of nutrients and can be stored for a longer period of time.



100% suve kajsije

Nutritional values

Hranjiva vrednost u 100 g
Energija 1009kJ/241kcal (12%*)
Masti 0 g (0%*)
od kojih zasić. mas. kis. 0 g (0%*)
Ugljeni hidrati 63 g (24%*)
od kojih šećeri 53 g (58%*)
Biljna vlakna 7 g (30%*)
Proteini 3 g (6%*)
So 0g / 0%

* Sadržaj dnevnog unosa energije. Referentni unos za prosečnu odraslu osobu (8400kJ / 2000kcal).
** Dnevni referetni unos vitamina i minerala (odrasli).


Može da sadrži u tragovima soju, gluten, susam, kikiriki, lešnik i badem.


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